Repetition Detector 2
Repetition Detector 2
Intelligent and user-friendly detection of repetitions

Setup and license user
- In order to install Repetition Detector 2, download the file "" by right-clicking on the "Download" link it and selecting "Save target as".
Unzip the files anywhere on your hard drive by right-clicking on it and selecting "extract all...". And finally double-click on "RepetitionDetector.exe" to open the software. Please ask me on the forum or by email if you need any help.
No desktop or start menus are automatically created, but do not hesitate to create some yourself.

- In order to uninstall Repetition Detector 2, just remove the downloaded files ("RepetitionDetector2.exe" and "RepetitionDetector2 - Help.chm") and "config.txt" (containing your settings) located in the same folder.

- You can use Repetition Detector 2 for free during 30 days. In order to continue to use it after this period, you must buy a license and enter it in the "Help" > "Enter product key" window. Click on "OK" and a message will confirm you the product key is registered. Your software is no longer a trial version and you can continue to use it with no time limit.
Caution: a license is available only for one user, on one computer at a time. A product key must never be shared, and any violation of this rule will result in the cancellation of the validity of the product key.
- Repetition Detector 2 is working with text in the main European languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic.

- Repetition Detector 2 detects repetitions in texts even if the spelling is bad. The upper/lower case is not important either.

- Repetition Detector 2 has two main operating modes: exact or similar words. In similar mode, words that are similar like "complete" and "completion" are taken into account as identical words. You can activate or deactivate this feature with the "similar words" checkbox located in the settings panel.

- Parameters are automatically saved in a file named "config.txt" located next to the executable file. You can distribute it to other users in order to share your settings.

- It's advised to avoid processing texts of more than 20,000 words (depending of your computer performance) to avoid the processing and click delays. Detecting repetitions in a longer text would not make much sense anyway.

- You can zoom/unzoom thanks to the shortcut CTRL+mouse wheel.
Most used words in the text. "Similar words" and "Words to skip" functionalities are managed if enabled.
Click on a word
Highlight occurrences of the word you click on. "Similar words" functionality is managed if enabled.
Caution, for very large texts (more than 20000 words), there will be a bit of lag at each click, depending of your computer performance.
Manage words you don't want to take into account as repetitions. You can skip words according to their length or with a list of skipped word (separated by spaces).
Shortcut: CTRL+Click on a word of the text to add it to the list.
Similar words
Words with the same beginning are counted as repetitions. This feature permits to detect as repetitions words like "complete" and "completion".
You can adjust this similarity rate with two parameters: the minimum number, and the minimum percentage, of common letters between two words to detect them as repetitions.
Close repetitions
Repetition of a word two times, close in the text. "Similar words" and "Words to skip" functionalities are managed if enabled.
You can adjust the minimum distance between them.
Distant repetitions
Repetition of a word multiple times, their occurrences being distant in the text. "Similar words" and "Words to skip" functionalities are managed if enabled.
You can adjust the minimum number of occurrences and the maximum distance including those occurrences.
Search for words
To find specific words, to help you get rid of overused words or sonorities.
You have three tools at your disposal: search words by their size, search for a list of words, or search a part of words (prefixes, suffixes, radicals). Perfect to track adjectives, adverbs ending in “ly” and overused auxiliaries.
Separate words in lists by spaces.
Search for phrases
Your overused phrases to find. One phrase per line.
Temporary Hidden repetitions
To allow you to focus on the repetitions you consider essential, you can temporary hide some of the detected repetitions. "Similar words" functionality is managed if enabled.
Shortcut: ALT+Click on a word of the text to hide it or revert it back to normal.